Friday, August 31, 2007

Good News, Bad News, Good News.

Good news is I won the auction. I was running late but my brother came through and helped me win the auction. SO....soon I will be in posession of a bonafide JDM Air Refiner.

Bad news, like I have stated before, is that it isn't the Air Refiner trim that I'm seeking....

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I don't know if you can make that out in the picture, but its the one I need (with the woodgrain)

Whatevers whatever though. I got it for a good price and if I happen to come across a woodgrain trimmed unit, I always have the option of re-selling it.

Good News: I was searching through some japanese websites (as I often do) and came across one that lists the steering wheel that I got used awhile ago (refer to prior post) and after googling the Yen to Dollar conversion; found out it costs like $780.00! I got it for like a hundred AND it came with a the hub and wiring/switch that allows for the maintaining of Cruise Control!

Now bear in mind that my steering wheel is used, and the center garnish is faded....
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as compared to brand new....

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.....but whatever....I don't even mind. I'm actually thinking of a couple of ways as to retaining a new woodgrain center garnish anyways.

Bad news.
You know how when I got that Mugen Wing I had said that I'd only seen one other listed before and I had to jump on the one that I eventually bought? Well, someone else not only listed another one, but this one was in WAY better condition....

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and its wiring is completely intact whereas mine is not.

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compared to.....
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AND however listed it, did so for like $300 bucks + shipping!

So that pretty much it....hopefully my next post won't have any "bad" news in the subject heading....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School is in Session and an Air Refiner is listed.

So school is back in session and more parts for my build have been listed on eBay. Most notably an actual working JDM "Air Refiner" from a KA8,(btw "KA8" is the chassis code for a 91-95 Legend Coupe and NOT a sedan, the sedans chassis code is KA7), complete with remote

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and mounting bracket.

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Now although I have seen this item listed before; it is on a rare (and i mean RARE) occasion that i do. This particular Air Refiner, however is even more rare than the rest of the ones I've seen because its from and actual JDM Legend (i.e. Legend specific) and as such, is emblazened with the words "air Refiner" in gold eteched italics, whereas with most basic "air Refiners" they have a different font all together.....

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Pretty nice right? Well, heres the downsides:

1) Its coming from a KA8 and am not sure whether or not its going to be really hard to fabricate it to work with a a KA7's rear dash storage compartment. Probably not all that hard, but mentionable to say the least.

2) Its not the right color. I'm not sure if this has been stated in a while, but the color combo route that I am going to go in regards to the the interior of PROJECT LEGEND... this combo is black on black leather with Italian burlwood woodgrain, brushed alumninum for trim, and gold lettering accents. Although the lettering matches the theme, the overall color of the plastic is navy-bluish instead of black. The trim around the front of the unit is also not the correct color as it is white/blue marble.....

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and NOT the woodgrain accent that I so desire.....

With all that said, based on the prices, the rarity of the item, and the fact that this is such an overlooked JDM item; (being that it isn't really performance oriented) i'm gonna bid on it. And I bid to win. As of right now there is 10 hours left on the auction. I'll let you know how it goes.

Keep those fingers crossed!