Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas time has come...., its cold outside, my windshield is cracked, and a piece of my exhausts heatshield is dragging around under my car as I drive. Oh, and I got stuck in a ditch yesterday because of the snow/black ice under it.

Wisconsin sucks.

Good news, I graduated, I got a resume together, and I found some more stuff online for Project Legend.

Most notably on Yahoo! Auctions Japan, I found some front door panels with the optional tweeters/speakers located near the handles...


Tight right?

So thats it for now.

More blogs/pics/blogs with pics coming soon.

Now lets open some presents!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Phoenix=ICB Motorsports

Last Thursday, I left the single digit degree weather of my home state, Wisconsin, for the warm climate of Arizona. Phoenix to be specific. I did so for a variety of reasons; mostly to see if I could handle living down in the South West. I'm liking what I'm seeing, and despite some unusually rainy weather down here; it's looking promising.

While I've been down here, I took advantage of stopping by the area JDM importer. ICB Motorsports to be specific. I've been frequenting there website ( for a good couple of years now and although they don't have much for my chassis (who does right?) I was able to pick up a few small pieces of my project legend puzzle.

I got a new Spoon 1.35 radiator cap....

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and some PIAA H3 Foglight bulbs for my JDM one piece headlights...

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I was also able to talk to Matt about getting stuff for my car and pretty much got shut down. Its not really worth his time and energy to seek out stuff for the KA7 chassis when theres so much demand for Civics, Integra's, and S2000's.

Oh well. I got my man Jay in Japan keeping an eye out for some stuff and hopefully, he'll be be able to come across some stuff.

In the meantime....there's always eBay.

Shop victoriously, kid.