Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Koni, KYB, Ground Control, and such.

Let me start off on this blog by saying that I did not end up winning the OEM 91-93 foglights because I……well, I forgot about the auction and was at work. Oh well though. The auction ended at a $150+ and was not really in my budget anyways. Plus, it didn’t seem as if the optional trim came with the foglights …

(look closely)

…and to be honest, they were a bit weathered.


So, not to be disheartened, I instead used the money towards my Falken Azenis.

They finally arrived in the mail the other day and are now doing a good job glaring at me to get them mounted and balanced on those GS wheels that are still sitting in my room; also glaring at me.


However, before I do, I have to go ahead and get new Honda “H” center caps to replace the “ACURA” center caps that are currently on there now. Shouldn’t be a problem though as most Honda/Acura stuff is interchangeable.

(remember, the only difference is the name in the U.S. My car is a Honda and I intend to badge it as such)

I’m most likely going to buy some online or just go ahead and order some from a Prelude or something from the dealer. I also am considering finally putting to use those Ground Control coilovers that I bought 3+ years ago that have been sitting in a shoe box on a shelf. In order to utilize these coilovers,


I would probably have to upgrade my shocks to either some KYB’s


Or Koni Reds…..


With these installed, I would have the ability to raise or lower my ride height from 1-4 inches too, which, needless to say, would drastically improve Project Daily Driver’s cornering ability/handling.

Price however (as is almost always the case) the bigger detriment in this scenario as the Koni’s are ranging in price from $350.00 to $400+ while the KYB’s are around $265.00 shipped. If I am able to sell my current OEM 15”s with brand new tires for anywhere around that price, I would definitely go ahead with the purchase of said optional suspension post haste.

But for now, I plan to get them mounted, balanced, and installed with some new “H” center caps, while trying to be content until a more, um…..lets just say “sizable” bank account balance is achieved.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brochures, Foglights, Tires, and Non-Smoking Ashtray's?

More JDM/OEM stuff has been on eBay lately.

Needless to say, I'm stoked about that. However, I lost out on one of the items I had just seen via my Accessories brochure.

The optional "non-smoking" ashtray complete with red felt lining:


Sniped it to...but was a dollar short. (yeah I snipe. Shop VICTORIOUSLY)

Oh well.

A pair of OEM 91-93 foglights came up...so I'm going to try to attain those...


These would really be beneficial as I am currently rewiring my JDM headlights on my Project Daily Driver to work with my OEM foglight switch, but I don't have the wiring harness/connector to go with it. So if I can get those foglights with the switch/wiring, I could then wire them in together with the JDM fog's in my headlight assembly's.

Plus...91-93 OEM foglights are uber-rare and this is the first time I have ever seen them listed.

On to the tires. Finally...(well almost) I will soon have some hard earned tax money back from dear old Uncle Sam and will be able to put some new rubber on those 16" GS wheels that have been sitting in my room glaring at me for the past couple of months.

What kind of rubber? I'm thinking Falken Azenis via Discount Tires (via eBay) for around $300 shipped.



More on that later.

Oh, and I finally got around to getting my JDM brochures to a friend to scan them into a PDF file. And as soon as thats done...you faithful viewers get to see what few eye's have seen.

Until next time.....