Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Koni, KYB, Ground Control, and such.

Let me start off on this blog by saying that I did not end up winning the OEM 91-93 foglights because I……well, I forgot about the auction and was at work. Oh well though. The auction ended at a $150+ and was not really in my budget anyways. Plus, it didn’t seem as if the optional trim came with the foglights …

(look closely)

…and to be honest, they were a bit weathered.


So, not to be disheartened, I instead used the money towards my Falken Azenis.

They finally arrived in the mail the other day and are now doing a good job glaring at me to get them mounted and balanced on those GS wheels that are still sitting in my room; also glaring at me.


However, before I do, I have to go ahead and get new Honda “H” center caps to replace the “ACURA” center caps that are currently on there now. Shouldn’t be a problem though as most Honda/Acura stuff is interchangeable.

(remember, the only difference is the name in the U.S. My car is a Honda and I intend to badge it as such)

I’m most likely going to buy some online or just go ahead and order some from a Prelude or something from the dealer. I also am considering finally putting to use those Ground Control coilovers that I bought 3+ years ago that have been sitting in a shoe box on a shelf. In order to utilize these coilovers,


I would probably have to upgrade my shocks to either some KYB’s


Or Koni Reds…..


With these installed, I would have the ability to raise or lower my ride height from 1-4 inches too, which, needless to say, would drastically improve Project Daily Driver’s cornering ability/handling.

Price however (as is almost always the case) the bigger detriment in this scenario as the Koni’s are ranging in price from $350.00 to $400+ while the KYB’s are around $265.00 shipped. If I am able to sell my current OEM 15”s with brand new tires for anywhere around that price, I would definitely go ahead with the purchase of said optional suspension post haste.

But for now, I plan to get them mounted, balanced, and installed with some new “H” center caps, while trying to be content until a more, um…..lets just say “sizable” bank account balance is achieved.

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Laurens said...

nice project to follow :)

love the honda spirit and because of that. i have thatiunbalanced bank saldo of my own ;)

laurens ( l4urenz.nl, messed up site, used to be my cars blog )