Tuesday, July 31, 2007

JDM Windshield Wiper Activating Rain Sensors..

Due to the fact that I'm still trying to get back on track financially from that Mugen wing, I have been unable to purchase more parts for Project Legend as of late. However, that isn't stopping me from researching and looking for more!

First off, one of my main sources on ebay listed a JDM Honda Accesories optional rain detector/windshield activator for the KA7. Apparently they were making these options for luxury sedans even way back in the early 90's! However, the sensor was the ridiculously gaudy three inch plus plastic/electronic contraption thats made to sit on the top of the hood near the windshield. I had seen it before in a scan of the Accesories brochure but never new what it was for until I saw it on eBay.

I considered it bidding on it....but the looks of the thing on the hood were just so....um..."unsightly"? Yeah...that about does it. I did not like it. Plus it went for like three hundred plus. Amazingly rare? Yes. Worth the three hundo? Nah. I mean, I considered maybe fabricating a newer sensor from a similar system so as to make it still work while being less obvious (and I still might if one comes up again for a better price) but for me......especially right now....its not happening. After the auction ended I thought about copying the pics so as to upload them on this blog and show it to you (the reader), however, I am a procrastinator, and as such, waited far too long and now they don't exist.

Oh well. I learned something new at least.

More blogs coming soon.

-300$ Later....the MUGEN wing/spoiler is MINE!

So, somehow when I was paying the guy (who I bought the Mugen wing via Paypal from) for a partial payment on it, something got screwed up and I ended paying him the whole amount. In doing so, I went negative and have had to borrow money from my little brother just to get back on my feet. So now I'm broke for awhile but on the plus side, I got the wing today and it looks great. Could look a little better as the Mugen emblem isn't in brand new condtion, but in all honesty, the things probably 13+ years old anyway. What-are-you-gonna-do ya know? So thats the deal.

A BIIIIGGGGG piece of the Project Legend puzzle is put into place and the contact that I purchased it from is willing to look out for other parts on my wish list for me. So in that sense a great relationship has been forged (hopefully) and I am now closer to attaining my goals.

Now all I need is more money........

Friday, July 27, 2007

Balling On a Budget

So I talked to the guy selling the spoiler/wing and he said that I could make payments on it so I went ahead and ended the auction with Buy it Now...and boy am I stoked....as well as broke. Yes, these things are not cheap. Mugen/Spoon parts aren't cheap period, but when you apply the rarity factor of finding those same parts that were made exclusively for the KA7 chassis; its just ridiculous. So sacrifices must be made. I am on a deadline.

Project Legend continous....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mugen Spoiler?!?!?!

Yes, it has happened for the second time ever in my 5 year search....the infamous Mugen spoiler with LED lights. I have only seen one other listed on eBay last year and I watched it go for a measily two hundred bucks. However....it was in a much worse condition and this one is in prime condition.

Problem is....dude has a buy it now price of 5 bills....

So.....we'll see how it goes. I've messeged him about a payment plan as thats all I can really offer at this point.

The other problem is he isn't offering the third brake light block off that the other one I saw had.
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Basically, because the spoiler has the LED center strip located so close visually to the third brake light, Mugen offered a small black plastic piece that blocks off the third brake light thats located on the rear dash.

Heres some pics.....

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And heres a Mugen brochure pic of what it will look like on the car....

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Now I'm not a big spoiler type of person, but this here spoiler is made specifically for the KA7 chassis and as is all Mugen aero parts; wind tunnel tested to be more aerodynamically efficient.

Plus, it just looks dope.

More posts as this story developes!

P.S. I got the MOMO steering wheel last friday and am more than pleased with the results.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Woodgrain GRIPPIN'!

The candy paint aint drippin' but I'm about to be woodgrain gripping. After watching the last couple of items I wished to attain slip through my fingers, I have made the purchase of a steering wheel.

Yep. And rather a bigger piece of the "project Legend" puzzle at that.

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Plus, its a MOMO....so you know its legit! Nah but for real, the woodgrain is the ideal hue of what I'm going for and the gold-etched lettering should match my interior quite well....
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So I'm stoked. Bought, paid for, and hopefully delivered soon.

So those are the pro's. Now for the cons.....the steering wheel was taken out of a 92 JDM Vigor.....
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So hopefully it'll fit on a Legend, or if not, the retro-fitting involved isn't to arduous. If this is the case, selling it is always an option.

With that being said, what I truly hope to attain is the MUGEN Woodgrain steering wheel which would allow me to retain the airbag (wheareas this steering wheel does not) as well as the left audio controls in the center of the steering wheel.

Heres some pics....
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That picture I believe was from the Mugen Catalog directly....

Here is what it will should look like in real life..

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Happy 4th people. Project Legend Continues! More posts coming soon!