Tuesday, July 31, 2007

-300$ Later....the MUGEN wing/spoiler is MINE!

So, somehow when I was paying the guy (who I bought the Mugen wing via Paypal from) for a partial payment on it, something got screwed up and I ended paying him the whole amount. In doing so, I went negative and have had to borrow money from my little brother just to get back on my feet. So now I'm broke for awhile but on the plus side, I got the wing today and it looks great. Could look a little better as the Mugen emblem isn't in brand new condtion, but in all honesty, the things probably 13+ years old anyway. What-are-you-gonna-do ya know? So thats the deal.

A BIIIIGGGGG piece of the Project Legend puzzle is put into place and the contact that I purchased it from is willing to look out for other parts on my wish list for me. So in that sense a great relationship has been forged (hopefully) and I am now closer to attaining my goals.

Now all I need is more money........

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