Friday, July 4, 2008

Plight of the Navigator: Part II

Before I begin this, I’d like to say a few words if I may. May I? Yes. I may. This is my blog, complete with grammatical errors, politically incorrect language, real talk, and perhaps even some misinformation about the stuff that I choose to write about. So, if anyone who reads what I have to say doesn’t like, or feels like correcting me, or doesn’t like the fact that I used there pics for a post, or whatever else…….too bad. Go start your own blog about your own car or talk trash about me on the forums or something. And that’s not a diss to forums, mind you. is a great forum moderated by some very wise and intelligent people with a genuine passion for all things Legend as are a lot of other Honda/JDM forums out there that I frequent from time to time. I glean a lot of information, pics, ideas, and inspiration from these forums, as well as other sites and am appreciative for everything I cull from them. Really. I am.

However, I’m also (at times) very disappointed with the ignorance or “holier-than-thou” attitudes involved with many of the members of these forums/sites and don’t always feel like arguing on subjects that I feel passionately about, i.e. Honda’s or Legends specifically.

So what is the solution? Why,, obviously. This really is the beauty of the internet. I can say whatever I like, write about whatever I want, and post whatever I choose too. I’m my own moderator. It’s nice. I quite like it. If your feeling whatever it is I have to say, feel free to get at me: If you’re not feeling it……well, there are always the forums. I can see the thread now: “That dude Synopsys Who Writes That Project Legend Blog Is A Total Douchbag!”

Ha! Its all good though. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion just as I am mine.

Okay, enough random rants from some dude who writes a blog. On to the center console blog. *ahem*

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, I recently purchased a slightly used JDM center console from my man Don (i.e. JDMISME via eBay……go buy stuff from him) and although I had a little trouble coming up with the funds at first, it is indeed paid for and hopefully on its way. Its coming with all the brackets, trim, and wiring needed to do a proper swap into a USDM. What he didn’t send was the JDM radio/tape player and navigation innards but that’s ok. I wasn’t planning on using them anyways. I currently am in possession of an Alpine DVA-9860 head unit and intend on using that in conjunction with an as-of-yet-not-quite-purchased monitor to be placed/retro fitted in the navigation trim area.


So it’ll kind of look like this……


Or this…..


However, depending on what screen I get, it should be a little longer in width so as to fill up the trim area properly.

This conversion has been done more than a few times in the US and when executed properly; looks amazing.

In my next post, you will hear what I have to say about the difference in domestic markets and there relation to center consoles in regards to Project Legend and KA7s.

Stay tuned.....I might actually blog more than twice a month this time.