Tuesday, July 31, 2007

JDM Windshield Wiper Activating Rain Sensors..

Due to the fact that I'm still trying to get back on track financially from that Mugen wing, I have been unable to purchase more parts for Project Legend as of late. However, that isn't stopping me from researching and looking for more!

First off, one of my main sources on ebay listed a JDM Honda Accesories optional rain detector/windshield activator for the KA7. Apparently they were making these options for luxury sedans even way back in the early 90's! However, the sensor was the ridiculously gaudy three inch plus plastic/electronic contraption thats made to sit on the top of the hood near the windshield. I had seen it before in a scan of the Accesories brochure but never new what it was for until I saw it on eBay.

I considered it bidding on it....but the looks of the thing on the hood were just so....um..."unsightly"? Yeah...that about does it. I did not like it. Plus it went for like three hundred plus. Amazingly rare? Yes. Worth the three hundo? Nah. I mean, I considered maybe fabricating a newer sensor from a similar system so as to make it still work while being less obvious (and I still might if one comes up again for a better price) but for me......especially right now....its not happening. After the auction ended I thought about copying the pics so as to upload them on this blog and show it to you (the reader), however, I am a procrastinator, and as such, waited far too long and now they don't exist.

Oh well. I learned something new at least.

More blogs coming soon.

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