Wednesday, September 5, 2007

JDM This, JDM that, Blah Blah Blah....

A recent search on eBay with the query heading of "JDM Legend" resulted in two Alpha Touring Edition grills, a set of window visors, brushed aluminum door sills, and about 3-4 sets of one-piece headlight popped up. Two uber-rare Mugen wings have been listed in the last two months alone........and thats for a a 12-17 year old car thats not (even to this day) a very popular model.

Allow me to explain from my perspective at least. When I first stardted reading about JDM or at least people who were into it, was a couple of years ago in a Honda Tuning magazine and I believe the hightlights of the article, were that the guys civic had an amber displaying digital clock in it instead of whatever color the the USDM was and up until that point, most people equated JDM with RHD conversions and little fire extinguishers with jpanaese writing on it.

Now the NORM is JDM.

More on this later....

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