Tuesday, April 10, 2007

11:14 PM 4/10/07

After watching the navigation trim and center console on ebay stay at $100 with $160 shipping to the U.S., I seriously thought about purchasing said item. However, once it jumped pass $300 I decided that was just a little too pricey. I just checked my eBay accnt. today, I saw that the final bid went for $520. Plus the shipping, so damn near 7 hundred for this wasn't really in my price range. Crap. Oh well, I do have a new Type 1 engine that I have to pay for in my daily driven Type L......and I am able to take some solace in that the valve covers that came with it are JDM, which puts me one step closer to Project Legend being completed. Not as a big of a step as getting the center console and navigation trim.....but a step none the less.

The left valve covers are the same, but the USDM right valve covers....
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Don't have the big ol' Honda "H" on them while the the JDM ones do.

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