Thursday, April 12, 2007

Step Your Game Up

While surfing the forums lately, I came across some unsettling truths in regards to my plans for Project Legend. A big one was that those same center consoles and Navigation trim sets are being imported in bulk to the U.S.
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Secondly, someone has already imported and installed rear heated/reclining seats into a USDM Legend. This same person has also installed many of the same JDM mods that I have had planned for years and already have the same parts for. Props to him most definitely for doing it first, however its somewhat discouraging. However, instead of letting it discourage me, I've decided to use these facts as motivation. With the knowledge about the JDM counterparts of the Legend becoming more abundantly accessible, more and more legend owners are beginning to see the light as well as make power moves to incorporate these ideas of transference into a reality. They are connecting the dots and putting together the same pieces of the puzzle that I am...

That’s the part which bothers me. Not that they are doing it to begin with, just that they are accomplishing my goals before ME! While the idea of creating a USDM car with all or mostly JDM parts is certainly not new, its impact in the Legend community has been, for the most part, unfelt. That is until recently. The "JDM" scene has become quite common place within the US market in the last couple of years. In effect, this has both lowered (somewhat) the prices of imported rare JDM parts as well as making it harder for a project car to really stand out on its own. Rarer parts need to be sourced, cleaner builds need to happen. Which equals more work, more money, and more connects in the industry in order to make my dream (*ahem* Project Legend *ahem*) come true!

So that’s that and I need to get back on track. I’ve got to get my engine paid off and get out and get those pieces to the puzzle people......other people have been looking at the top of the box besides me.


Mike said...
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blingting said...

I wouldn't say that JDM Navigation consoles are being imported in bulk, it took me quite some time to acquire the 5 JDM and 1 EDM consoles that I have now the way thanks for posting up my consoles!

Thats only half of them, heres another recent picture of some of them:

You say you are bothered that we are accomplishing your goals before you...I'd get over the "unsettling truths" and just do it. :)

If you want, I can sell you this gorgeous JDM console in dark burlwood:

Sorry for the links, it wouldn't let me post pictures up. Take it easy, and good luck on the project.