Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Giving Thanks.....a Holiday if you will.

Yeah, I know, its not Turkey-Day yet, but while I'm posting, I'd just like to give thanks anyways.

So in now particular order, here it is. Thanks. If your reading this blog and it has influenced you in any way positively; thanks. To all the other Legend owners out there.....thanks. Thanks for inspiring me, teaching me, and in some cases, showing me what NOT to do when it comes to building a car. Thank you.

Thanks goes out to Shaun Falkner, the close friend of mine who worked ever so hard on my cars aging/rusting body and got it to where it is now. (see prior post)

Thanks Shaun. You've helped make some major power-moves and helped me so very much and on so many levels.

Thanks to my brothers, who don't get too angry with me when I go about purchasing items (usually Japanese) for my car when I owe them money and should probably have spent it paying them back.

Thanks to my parent's too for that! Especially over the years. Thanks to my Automotive Technician Instructors who have let me use the schools facilities to work on and improve my car as well as expand my knowledge in the automotive world itself.

Thanks to Collin Leavitt for inspiring me to finish my goals and work hard at and on what your passionate about. Also, for showing me and alot of other people what a four door sedan is capable of.

Thanks to eBay and the acura-legend.com forums and especially an eBay seller by the name of JDMISME who I get a lot of my stuff from and who is very helpful and informative in his listings. Honest sellers are few and far between these days.

Finally, thanks to Honda Tuning for putting out a quality magazine almost every month dedicated to (usually) quality, well built, original, Honda's.

Ok, i'm gonna get off my soap box now. Sorry if I forgot anyone. Project Legend continues......

Happy Thanksgiving.

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