Monday, March 23, 2009


Frequent postings…….what are those? So, it’s been well over a month since my last posting, but rest assured, Project Legend is still continuing. Definitely not as planned, definitely not as quickly as I would like, and MOST definitely not as I’d imagined it.
Setting goals and working on the progress of these same goals without getting side tracked by the distractions of day-to-day life in the process is vital to the accomplishment of Project Legend. Writing about them well or not…… is not as necessary to the end result as is the mere act of writing about them in the first place. The whole purpose of taking the time to put thought into visible words is only an effort to keep progress and motivation at an all time high. OR at least somewhat influx. Well, either that or to, at the very least; inspire me to carry on in the continuation of some sort of charteable progress.

A certain stubbornness combined with and obscure passion for Honda’s KA7 chassis is the only real reason for the continual draining of my bank account along with a large portion of my time and effort/thought process. Lately, however, that portion of time has been filling up with other interests and life activities. Project Legend has been on the back burner for much of Spring 2009. This is a fact. A fact that I have chosen to remedy.

Last Friday I dropped close to $400.00 on getting my windshield replaced. I can now look through a windshield sans multiple cracks and it is great. However, the clarity of my new windshield only serves to accentuate the tears in the leather of my seats as well as the multiple cracks in my dashboard.

Time to get going.

Time to get working.

Time to get planning.

Time to develop a plan of action and proceed with a clear vision of what is next as well as how to best proceed.

Coming up in a future posting will be “The Plan”.


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