Friday, February 22, 2008

Accessorizing w/Honda

I recently acquired some more source material for Project Legend via a seller in Australia.


I believe this is the 1991 Accessories Brochure but I’m not going to be sure until I actually receive it in the mail. Basically, Honda’s “Access” division sells a whole bunch of optional stuff for each chassis it produces and this is a catalog/brochure highlighting such options.


I’ve only seen this brochure once or twice before on eBay and both times could not really afford it. This time I could though…but in the process I had to outbid a fellow forum member who I greatly respect to do so. I felt bad about it as I didn’t realize it was him until after the auction had ended but we talked and I intend to scan the brochure and send him a copy via a PDF file or something.

This brochure is a great addition to my growing KA7 info/library as well as a great resource for my overseas connects and the like who help me in my search for such parts. Some of the stuff listed in the brochure I already have, but much of the stuff listed I do not. More on this when it actually arrives, which should be any day now. It has already taken a while though because, as I said before, is coming from Australia. Speaking of Australia, a friend of a friend of mine just moved out there and since he is somewhat knowledgeable in “car” dialogue, he has said that he would look out and research some parts for Project Legend for me and help me with acquiring of them.

Stay tuned for more blog’s soon. Project Legend continues……

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