Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"I can't be complacent with moderate success" ~Steve Berra

So I finally recieved my Honda "Accessories Catalogue" today in the mail and I'm stoked. Like I said earlier, this is a big step for Project Legend in that I have more source material to help with the finding of many sought after parts that are needed to attain the fruition of Project Legend.

However, money (at this juncture) is an even bigger step. And I'm stumbling because of my lack thereof.

Many of the parts/accessories listed in my newly attained catalogue; I already have.

But there are three listed on eBay right now that I do not. Nor do I have the money necessary to get them.

What are they?

They are the optional trunk storage tray, optional exhaust tip, and optional window visors:

Storage Compartment

Storage Compartment inside view





Oh well. Who wants to lend me a cool couple hundo's?


Well, whatever. I started this post with a quote so I guess I'll end it with one.

"Just work hard. If you grind at it, it's either gonna work out or it's gonna fail and you're gonna figure something else out. Just continue to try, I guess." ~Keith Hugnagel

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